Crypto For Your Business

In this course, you’ll discover fast, simple ways of selling and buying your products using cryptocurrencies. Many of these will be methods that you can use immediately… before you’re even half-way through the course. Others will require a few hours after you complete the course, and that’s pretty much all. This course provides all the resources and all the basic knowledge you need to start using crypto immediately. 


Cryptocurrencies are radically different from government currencies and they give you the ability to conduct your business in ways that the traditional money system will not. More than that, both the tools built for these cryptocurrencies and the currencies themselves are constantly evolving. New ways of transferring payments and information are constantly becoming available in this realm, while the traditional money system remains stuck in the past. (As well as being needlessly expensive.) 


So, here’s your opportunity to learn, immediately, from two of the most experienced crypto users and advocates that can be found. Don’t miss the opportunity. 


  • How crypto is different from national currencies

  • The advantages crypto has in times of financial uncertainty

  • The best ways to obtain cryptos

  • Best practices for securely storing crypto

  • What you need to know about making crypto transactions

  • Legalities, pitfalls, and taxes

  • Price volatility and the future of crypto

2.5hrs of video + extensive resources  for $119

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 Learn what Bitcoin and other cryptos can do for your business and learn how to actually USE them. This course is a hands-on, practical guide to using cryptocurrency in a business setting. 

Do business in ways you never could before.

Learn how your business can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in this 2.5 hour course

Paul Rosenberg

Paul has been involved with cryptography and electronic currencies since the 1990s. His novel, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men (2002), was inspirational to early cryptocurrency developers and advocates. Paul is the author of the Free-Man’s Perspective newsletter, as well as a founder of the professional-level privacy system, Cryptohippie.

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Hannah Rosenberg

Hannah has been involved in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space since 2012. She is the founder of Velas Commerce, a Director of The Blockchain Institute, and organizer of Chicago’s largest blockchain community group, the Chicago Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup.

Hannah developed the Blockchain Institute's curriculum and teaches blockchain courses at UIC’s College of Business Administration.

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