Crypto For Your Business

In this webinar you'll learn...

  • How crypto blows past the usual limitations of money

  • The best ways to obtain cryptos

  • Best practices for securely storing crypto

  • How to set up crypto transfers with people who’ve never used it before

  • Legalities, pitfalls, and taxes

  • How to make crypto transactions, step by step, in detail

  • All attendees receive a (10 page) PDF resource guide

Join this live, 3hr course + interactive Q&A session for $199

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Meet Your Instructors...

Big businesses protect themselves with “people in Washington.” Small businesses must be fleet of foot… and nothing empowers that better than Bitcoin and the other cryptos. Our hands-on webinar will teach you to understand them and to use them with confidence.

We all know a storm is coming.

We’ll need to adapt and get past new obstacles… or else. And there are no better tools for this than cryptocurrency. They are almost infinitely adaptable.

Our 3-hour webinar will teach you how to use these powerful new tools.

Paul Rosenberg

Paul has been involved with cryptography and electronic currencies since the 1990s. His novel, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men (2002), was inspirational to early cryptocurrency developers and advocates. Paul is the author of the Free-Man’s Perspective newsletter, as well as a founder of the professional-level privacy system, Cryptohippie.

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Hannah Rosenberg

Hannah has been involved in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space since 2012. She is the founder of Velas Commerce, a Director of The Blockchain Institute, and organizer of Chicago’s largest blockchain community group, the Chicago Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup.

Hannah developed the Blockchain Institute's curriculum and teaches blockchain courses at UIC’s College of Business Administration.

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